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My name is John Coffey and I am happy you have considered hiring my company to complete you project. I began my journey as a carpenter in Ireland at a young age and have always taken great pride in my work. I have always had a passion for woodwork and got my first toolset at the young age of 6. I completed many years of training gaining certificates in stair making and advanced roofing. I worked in Ireland as a carpenter under some of the best craftsmen in the country. I moved to the United States in 2014 and have since owned this business, specializing in European carpentry. Recently, I moved from California to Washington with my wife for her new job. I have been doing professional carpentry for over fourteen years and am able to complete a variety of projects. In order for you to have a more personal experience, I personally do all of the work I quote. I am licensed with the state of Washington (EMERAFC823NT) and I guarantee 100% that you will be satisfied by my work. I also have very competative prices and will give you a quote that will not be beat by anyone who does quality work. Please contact us for a free quote today!



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